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FRP pipe production line

The diameter range of FRP pipes winding machine HBFS can design and manufacture is: DN15mm-DN4000mm.

Make an example with the pipe winding machine which can produce maximum diameter 2500mm:
QFW-2500VI FRP Pipe Production Line

1. Introduction

FW-2500VI Computer control Winding Machine is adopted advanced wet continual fiber winding process, it is a new product developed in China, and its function property has been improved and developed for many times. The machine has very reasonable structure, creative design, and it operates easily, the interface between operator and machine is reasonable.

2. The main parameters         

2.1  The total power: 85kw

2.2  The maximum diameter can be manufactured: DN200-2500mm

2.3  The effective length of the pipe:12m

2.4  The productivity:1000kg/h

2.5  The baking board’s temperature of curing station:105-160 degree centigrade

2.6  The maxi speed of conveying roving: 100m/min

2.7  The width of the roving sheet:200mm

2.8  The winding angle: 30°—90°

2.9  The maxi speed of run: 90m/min

2.10  The maxi mould-unloading force:83t

2.11  The rated drawing force of the capstan:5t

2.12  The rated pressure of the hydraulic system:16MPa

Note: if adds the infrared ray baking boards, the total power: 135KW

3. The major characteristics of the equipment

3.1 The sophisticated configuration: We developed the accessories and the program by ourselves and committed to have the superior configuration, and the servo motor, the servo driver, the transducer, the photoelectric encoder are adopted Siemens, Germany. The industrial control computer is made in Yanhua Corporation, Taiwan, which assures the liability, stability, and precision of the while machine operating. The menu is displayed in Chinese and English, the interface between the operator and the machine is reasonable, it is easy to operate and the working condition can be adjusted freely through the rotary knob on the panel board.

3.2 It has been adopted the latest version winding software developed by ourselves. And the roving arrangement is regular, enclosure is complete, the position of the trolley is accurate. The wound result should be regular rhombuses checked by one piece of roving. The parameter such as the width of roving sheet, the winding length and the winding diameter are all not limited in the software.

3.3 The functions of the controlling system include hand control, semi automatic, automatic, emergency brake, limit switch protection and stepless speed regulation. It should not affect the linearity when the function of stepless speed regulation has been started.

3.4 The winding resin and adding mortar supplementary resin are conveyed into the mixer by the standard volume pump, after the curing agent passed the flow meter, atomized by the pressure air, and then mixed with the resin in the mixer. Be flowed out together from the mixer, and then be sprayed into the winding resin tank and the sprayer of adding mortar supplementary resin separately. This type of standard volume pump has some advantages, such as big adjustment range of volume of flow, to operate easily and lower stoppage compared with the other type of mixer.

3.5 The motive power of the winding trolley running is positioned at one end of the bed body, the motor drives the reducer and drag the trolley to move by the chains, and it is set the adjustment device for the tightness of the chains at the end of the body.

3.6 The running power devices of the inner layer making machine and the winding machine are positioned at one end of the bed body. The motor drives the planetary balance wheel reducer, and drags the trolley to run forward through the chains. The adjusting device of the chain loose or fast has been set at the tail end of the bed body. Or the running power devices are positioned at one side of the trolley, the motor drive the reducer and drag the trolley to run by rack and gear wheel transmission system.

3.7 The trolley of the inner layer making machine matches the hydraulic lifting platform to meet the different diameter of the pipes.

3.8 The resin supply system of the inner layer making machine is same to the winding machine. The film clamper and the woven fabrics clamper are set on the trolley, and their tensile can be adjusted, they can make the film and the woven fabrics be wound on the mould steadily.

3.9 The curing station is adopted energy saving type infrared ray baking boards, they are positioned in the longitudinal direction parallel with the mould. They can make the pipe heated steadily during the curing. If the indoor temperature is above 15℃ in winter, the baking board can be power-off to save energy and can decline the cost. The baking board can be divided into two groups, it can use only with one group when wind the short pipe.

3.10 Except the mould-unloading machine, the other single units are all set machine stock heads and machine tails, used to support and drive the mould.

3.11 The repairing machine is set water-spraying device, it can decrease the pollution of the dust in the air, to prolong the life of the grinder.

3.12 The resistance center between the pipe and the mould is coincident with the forcing center of the mould-unloading hydraulic container in the mould-unloading machine, and they are fixed.Both of the mould supporting trolley and the pipe supporting trolley are adopted forklift structure for supporting the moulds with different diameter.

During mould-unloading, the mould-unloading force is great at the beginning, the force supplied by hydraulic container; when the mould drawn from the pipe at some distance, the mould-unloading force becoming small, at this moment, the capstan engine has been put on to improve the mould-unloading speed.

4. The components of FW-2600VI Computer control Pipe Production Line

4.1 Inner liner manufacturing machine, its quantity is one set

4.1.1 Main shaft transmission system

4.1.2Transmission system of trolley and running

4.1.3Bed body (its length is 18meters)

4.1.4Electric controlling system

4.1.5The front and rear support frames for supporting the mould

4.1.6Resin supply and showering system

4.1.7The hydraulic lifting platform

4.1.8Film and cellular fabrics clamper

4.1.9Hydraulic pumping station

4.2 Computer control winding machine, its quantity is one set

4.2.1 Main shaft transmission system

4.2.2 Winding trolley and transmission system

4.2.3 Adding mortar trolley and transmission system

4.2.4 Lifting and supply mortar system

4.2.5 Bed body (its length is 19 meters)

4.2.6 Adding mortar trolley and transmission system

4.2.7 The front and rear support frames for supporting the mould

4.2.8  Computer controlling system

4.2.9  The resin supply system for winding and for supplement in adding mortar

4.2.10 Film and cellular fabrics clamper

4.2.11 Sliding device

4.3 Curing stations, its quantity is 4sets

4.3.1 Main shaft transmission system      

4.3.2 The front and rear support frames for supporting the mould

4.3.3 Electric apparatus controlling system

4.3.4 Curing framework and infrared ray baking boards

4.4 Repairing machine, its quantity is one set

4.4.1 Main shaft transmission system

4.4.2 The front and rear support frames for supporting the mould

4.4.3  Socket end uniform device

4.4.4 Spigot end repairing device

4.4.5 Electric apparatus controlling system

4.4.6 Dust removing system

4.5 Mould unloading machine, its quantity is one set

4.5.1 Gantry

4.5.2 Unloading mould trolley

4.5.3 Supporting pipe trolley

4.5.4 Supporting mould trolley

4.5.5 High speed dragging mould system

4.5.6 Unloading mould hydraulic system

4.5.7 Power Controlling box

4.5.8 Guide track

4.5.9 Sliding device

4.5.10 Pulling cable bracket

4.6  Resin mix station, its quantity is one set

4.6.1 Underground storage tank

4.6.2 Mix tank

4.6.3 Resin conveying system

4.6.4 Electric contribution box

5. Key elements

5.1  PC Industrial computer: made in Taiwan, china

5.2  The spindle transducer: made in Simons, Germany

5.3  The servo motor and the driver of the trolley: made in Panasonic, Japan

5.4  The photoelectric encoder: made in OMRON, Japan

5.5 Planet balance reducer: made in Hongtai Group, Jiangsu, China

5.6  The electrical elements: made in Delixi Group, China

6. The improved technical service

6.1 Provide the technical materials for producing the equipment (the instruction for operating the equipment, the electrical chart, the foundation chart of the equipment).

6.2 Provide the design standard and design software for the FRP pipes, and proceed the training for the pipe process design.

6.3 Provide the FRP material manufacturers and proceed with the training for the winding technology.

6.4 Provide the forms for the laboratory test, and the testing for the equipment, and proceed the training for the testing technology. /products_68.html
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