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FRP tank production line

FW-4000VI computer control filament winding machine

1. Introduction

The machine is adopting the advanced wet winding process, the appearance and the properties have been improved significantly. It applied industrial computer from Advantech of Taiwan. While input the parameter of the product, the computer can perform the linearity design automatically, later control the trolley make the reciprocating movement, lay up the fiberglass immersed by resin on the finished liner regularly. The structure is reasonable and fashionable design, operation easily, reasonable interface between the operators and machine.

Our machine and products been exported to Egypt, India, Portugal, Singapore, Russia and other countries.

2. Technical parameter

2.1 The total power: 10 kW

2.2 The range of diameter can be wound: DN 600 ~ DN 4000mm

2.3 The range of length: 1.5--12m

2.4 The height of main shaft: 2.3m

2.5 The max output of roving: 100m/min

2.6 The width of roving sheet: 168mm

2.7 The winding angle: 30°--90°

3. Equipment list

3.1  Transmission head  

3.1.1 Cycloid cam planetary speed reducer, attach with frequency conversion motor. 1 set

3.1.2 Speed-test device, connect with computer control system and main axis. 1 set

3.1.3 Speed-changing gear box (with three pieces of transmission shaft). 1 set

3.1.4 Connecting disc (connect transmission shaft and universal coupling). 1 set

3.1.5 Cabinet frame of transmission head and protective plate. 1 set

3.1.6 Steel ladder of cabinet, for check and repair easily. 1 set

3.2  Trolley

3.2.1 Trolley frame. 1 set

3.2.2 Resin-immersing trough and resin-extruding device. 1 set

3.2.3  Fiber-guiding device.

3.3 Working platform of trolley

3.3.1 Cycloid cam planetary speed reducer, connect with sever motor in parallel. 1 set

3.3.2 Rail of trolley, at two sides of bed body. 1 set

3.3.3 Bed body, covered by iron plate. 1 set

3.3.4 Bracket of chain, with abrasion-resist material  1 set

3.3.5 Chain-adjusting device, at tail of bed body. 1 set

3.3.6 Chain and chain wheel for trolley-running. 1 set

3.3.7 Frame of trolley’s operating platform.

3.3.8 Ladder, to the operation platform of trolley. 1 set

3.3.9 Shield of trolley’s transmission device. 1 set

3.4  Rotation ring

3.4.1 Rotation ring of bottom head  1 pc

3.4.2 Rotation ring of top head  1 pc

3.5 Roving-arranging system.

3.5.1 Tensioner  1 set

3.5.2 Support plate. 1 set

3.5.3 Moveable frame with four wheels. 1 set

3.5.4 Support of roving-hanging. 1 set

3.6 Resin mixing system.

3.6.1 Resin mixing tank. 1 set

3.6.2 Motor and blades for resin-mixing. 1 set

3.7 Power distribution cabinet of computer.

3.7.1 Frequency converter for speed-changing of main axis. 1 set

3.7.2 Servo driver for trolley’s speed-changing. 1 set

3.7.3 dvanced PC Industrial computer, for controlling winding. 1 set

3.7.4 Colorful display, show operation and equipment-running data. 1 set

3.7.5 Other auxiliary electrical device.

3.8  uxiliary Industrial assembly.

3.8.1 Assembly ring, with tensioner   DN4000         2 pc.

3.8.2 Tank Roller  2 pc.

3.8.3 Half Support  2 pc.

 Inner liner automatic forming machine
The inner liner automatic forming set is mainly served for FW-4000. It is special equipment that making the inner liner of the tank. If this set utilized for producing the inner liner; it can improve the efficiency above 5 times. The types are ZC-4000 and ZC-2600,

1. ZC-4000  the main properties are below.
1.1 The matched diameter: DN3000~DN4000mm
1.2 The power: 5.5kw
1.3 The productivity: 400kg/h
2.1 The matched diameter: DN1600~DN2600mm
2.2 The power: 4.0kw
2.3 The productivity: 400kg/h /products_60.html
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